Compound chart

Use this chart as reference for picking the correct compound for the racing situation you are facing. Pick abrasiveness of the surface over air temperature. And don’t hesitate to contact us for individual consultation.

  • Cut pattern „light“

    Use this pattern for damp situations. Lets the tire work more and give a little more temperature.

  • Cut pattern „medium“

    For use in mixed conditions with WET or DS compound

  • Cut pattern „heavy“

    Only for the use in full wet conditions.

  • Top notch performance

    Hoosier tires are proven for top performance, head-to-head with the industry leaders.

  • Surpreme reliability

    Flat tires? That’s yesterday’s problems - with Hoosiers super rigid sidewall you don’t only get a very responsive steering feel. It’s also literally hard to flatten the tire. None of our customers in 2022 had a single flat tire. Period.

  • Solid durability

    Pick the right compound - and go from stage, to stage, to stage. The wear on the tires is at a minimum, easy to plan and you will have maximum performance from 5,5mm to 1mm. No reason to change after each loop. No reason to gamble with used second-hand tires either.

  • Benchmark value for money

    We tested them all. In our opinion Hoosiers currently offer the best value for money in the rally tire business. No matter if your aim is going for a championship or drive just for fun.